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Our Story

AIB lnnoation, Advanced Analytics

SPFL and AIB Innovation Ltd. are equal share owners of INNOVATREE CARBON GROUP LTD and have been working together since 2017 on the development of advanced analytics forestry software programs designed to optimize forestry operations and Visual Impact Assessments in an industry that is facing increased limitations on operating area and restrictions on fibre supply. 

To expand our tech platform SPF-AIB team partnered with GIS researchers at Thompson Rivers University to develop proprietary software that can accurately analyze both LiDAR and UAV (photogrammetry) data sets to create tailor-made planning deliverable depending on individual client needs.


Partial Harvest Planning

  • Automated Crown Detection

  • Customizable retention planning

  • Ungulate Winter Range

  • Crown Closure analysis

  • Lakeshore Managment Zones

  • Advanced planning in VQO sensitive areas:​​

  • Pre and post harvest mapping

Wildland Urban Interface Fuel Reduction Planning

  • Crown Closure Analysis

  • Achieve Prescription targets:

    • Stems Per Hectare (SPH)

    • Crown Closure %

  • Wildfire Risk Reduction models

  • Improve Suppression Planning Effectiveness by providing:

    • Fuel Load Analysis​

    • Topography Analysis

clearcut 1_edited.jpg

Clearcut with Reserves

30percent dispursed_edited.jpg

30 Stems per Hectare Dispersed Retention 

30percent CC grouped_edited.jpg

30% Canopy Cover retained in reserves

Model your blocks for visuals and First Nation/Stakeholder engagement.

Innovatree Visual Pro

We built our Innovatree Visual Pro Software to work with our LiDAR-based, Innovatree stem detation tool. Some of the benefits include:

  • Every tree detected in the LiDAR data set is represented in the imagery

  • Trees are modelled in their correct location

  • Tree heights are based on LiDAR data sets, not VRI estimates

  • Improved accuracy for percent alteration calculations

  • incorporate partial harvest planning and fuel risk mitigation strategies

  • Increase value from existing LiDAR data

  • Higher resolution imagery for stakeholders and planners

  • Imagery maintains 50- or 55- mm proportions

IVP vs standard image.PNG
IVP overhead examples.PNG
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