Advanced Analytics, Forestry, First Nations Forestry
First Nation Forestry, Advanced Analytics, SPFL, SPF, First nations

Our Story

AIB lnnoation, Advanced Analytics

SPFL and AIB Innovation Ltd. are Joint Venture Partners (SPF-AIB JV) that have been working together since 2017 on the development of a UAV-based forest health tool and an advanced analytics software program designed to optimize forestry operations in an industry that is facing increased limitations on operating area and restrictions on fibre supply. 

To expand our tech platform SPF-AIB JV team partnered with GIS researchers at Thompson Rivers University to develop proprietary software that can accurately analyze both LiDAR and UAV (photogrammetry) data sets to create tailor-made planning deliverable depending on individual client needs.

LiDAR advanced analytics, SPFL, SPF, first nation forestry
Photogrammetry Advaced Analytics, SPFL, SPF, first nation forestry

Use existing LiDAR data or UAV collected data.

Ability to analyze pre harvest LiDAR data and collect post harvest data using UAVs to ensure you met your objectives.

Partial Harvest Planning

  • Automated Crown Detection

  • Customizable retention planning

  • Ungulate Winter Range

  • Crown Closure analysis

  • Lakeshore Managment Zones

  • Advanced planning in VQO sensitive areas:​​

  • Pre and post harvest mapping

LiDAR, advanced analytics, SPFL, SPF, first nation forestry
LiDAR, UAV, first nation forestry, Advanced anaytics

42% retention models. Single tree vs patch retention systems.

LiDAR, UAV, Advanced analytics, first nations forestry, Second Pass Forestry
Second Pass Forestry, LiDAR, Advanced analytics, first nations forestry

30% retention models. Varible retention to meet Wildfire Risk Reduction objectives.

Wildland Urban Interface Fuel Reduction Planning

  • Crown Closure Analysis

  • Achieve Prescription targets:

    • Stems Per Hectare (SPH)

    • Crown Closure %

  • Wildfire Risk Reduction models

  • Improve Suppression Planning Effectiveness by providing:

    • Fuel Load Analysis​

    • Topography Analysis

30% partial.PNG

Forest Health 

  • IBD detection

  • Targeted development/probing of forest health regions

  • Accurately count number of red attack stems across the block to assist in pest management decisions

  • Create target area overview for pheromone baiting/trapping

Advanced analytics, Douglas fir beetle, IBD, first nations forestry

Red attack trees identified automatically, green attack polygons can be targeted for field crew verification.